Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of my Dominos Fell Down

I kept Lizzy and Will home from school Monday; Lizzy because she threw up that morning and Will because my husband guilted me into it. I decided that as long as I was keeping Will home I’d make it worth my while by taking him to the doctor. I drove to Newton for a 3:30 appointment. Will had an ear infection and wasn’t at 100% oxygen. So, he got a breathing treatment and we waited for the doctor to come back. And we waited for the doctor, and we waited for the doctor. I was inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt because we had been squeezed into an already full schedule. But as I noticed it was getting up on 5:00 and I was worried about not getting home to drive Bri to piano I went out to find the doctor. . . . She had forgotten about us. She ran right in and was very apologetic. And she mentioned that she had forgotten someone that morning as well. I can only assume her memory problems are due to her four children as I am sure my four children negatively affect my memory.

So, I called my husband and asked him to take Bri to piano and this is where my whole house of cards fell apart. Either my husband thought that I took Jake with me to the doctor or he was so busy working that he didn’t notice Jake wasn’t home. I routinely depend upon the “Jake didn’t come home on the bus with Lizzy – that’s right, he has play practice” methodology. Unfortunately, since I was still at the doctor’s office at the time Jake would be arriving home my method failed. Only when I noticed that my friend had called my cell phone did I realize that I had neglected to ask my husband to pick up Jake. So, I called him and asked him to pick up Jake on his way to Bri’s piano lesson. He did but was twenty minutes late picking him up and got my reprimand. (Thanks for taking one for the team, honey!) About ten minutes later Bri noticed that she had grabbed the wrong backpack and didn’t have her music. I was closer to the house by that time and drove home to pick up her music planning to meet up with Bri and give her the music. My brilliant plan saved them about 4 minutes as we met up on our street. I threw the music and a phone book at them (because, of course, no one had her piano teacher’s phone number) and drove Will to his MyGym class. We were naturally late. Then I had to pick up Bri and didn’t make it home until 7:20. Then to top off the night – Lizzy threw up. I’m just lucky I had cancelled Tae Kwan Do and Bri didn’t have play practice!

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