Monday, November 3, 2008

Crack your Cheeks

I guess it was inevitable that I would catch something from Bri or Lizzy. I’ve taken them to the pediatrician 3 times in the last two weeks which is a lot for me. Since I was brought up by “him who does not feel pain” even to the point of having a root canal without pain medicine, yes, really! I’ve internalized that lesson even if I do feel pain. Both because I’m a redhead (we do feel pain more intensely -- its biology!) and because I’m a wimp. So, while I might not take pain medicine until my husband reminds me, I will alway wimp out and succumb to drugs.

My husband took all the kids to church and left me home alone. That in and of itself almost qualifies as a vacation as I’m not expected to do anything (except make dinner if I’m not deathly ill) while they’re gone; I wouldn’t even do that but my husband always makes a lovely and elaborate dinner complete with garnishes even if he has to drag himself in to the kitchen to do it. Which I do appreciate but it raises expectations for me which I would sooner do without.

I tried to drug myself with two Advils because I do not like the sensation of my brain reverberating against my skull when I cough, nor do I enjoy the accompanying aches from my ribcage. I tried to sleep with a cough drop in my mouth but couldn’t. And I was freezing despise wearing socks, a sweater, an extra blanket and a heating pad!

I feel like King Lear who has been cast of by his two eldest daughters after foolishly giving up his kingdom. “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!” Except foolishly it is my own body that has cruelly cast me off into the heath.

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