Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chris the Plumber is Gaslighting me!

Well, either Chris the Plumber or thtudnwmtb.  I’m going with Chris the Plumber (because I can).  I ignored a phone call while at a parent meeting at Will’s school.  Thankfully, because it would have freaked me out!  And oh, it would have been delightful for his teachers to overhear.  And let’s not kid ourselves … I would have marched back into my meeting and told everyone about the message because that’s the kind of thing I do because I’m brilliant and occasionally lack a filter between my brain and mouth.

In the message Chris the Plumber said we bounced a check.  I was horrified and embarrassed!  You see I’d checked the balance.  A couple of weeks ago I asked my husband, “husband, do we have enough money in the bank account to write multiple, large checks for plastic surgery for thtudnwmtb?  I think she’s been down and deserves a little ‘pick me up.’”

Husband said, “Yes.”  See!  I checked the balance!

I called my husband because I expect him to be able to fix everything through the phone from New Jersey.  He didn’t answer.  So, I called the bank.  There was plenty of money.  We didn’t bounce a check.  I think Chris the Plumber is just playing with us.

You win this round, Chris the Plumber.  But remember it’s not just us you’re playing with … you’re also playing with thtudnwmtb and frankly, my money’s on her.


Big Daddy Autism said...

Really? After all this time you think it's the plumber who is gaslighting you? Really? The plumber? Not the house?

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I think the house loves me.

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