Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh, I forgot to mention that Bri is now fifteen and much, much closer to driving

I now only need to figure out how soon she can take drivers ed. and how money this is going to cost me.  But I don’t care about the $ because the sooner she can drive herself to seminary in the morning the sooner I can sleep in past 5:40am.  I don’t get up sooner that that because I drive her in my pajamas because I can’t imagine anything happening at that hour which would require me to be dressed.

We went to Six Flags for Bri’s birthday.  (We’ll be going a lot this year because we bought season passes.  A lot being at least two more times.)  We spread out her birthday.  She had her birthday dinner the night before her birthday and her cake and ice cream the night after.  Trust me – there’s a perfectly logical and thoughtful reason for both.  I didn’t know what time we’d get back from Six Flags and didn’t want her dinner to be rushed.  And people (the weird ones who invited us for dinner even though they aren’t in our community)were coming over for dinner the day after her birthday and I didn’t need an extra dessert around begging to be eaten and/or directly applied to my butt.

Bri had Will blow out her candles because he loves birthdays and it was adorable!

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