Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How much money does it cost to buy an email address?

Because I’m seriously considering making an offer.  When I set up my email address I tried to use my full name (because I’m creative like that).  My name was taken.  So, I added a middle initial.


But I have no idea how often people leave off that pesky initial and my email is sent to another, luckier similarly named person.

People in the PAC, both PACs, have sent emails to someone who I assume doesn’t care about our fundraisers or activities and even Marcy sometimes does if her email pulls up wrong me’s address.  Suddenly the whole carrot soup fiasco makes sense!  I never got the recipe from Marcy … wrong me did.

Today I found out that wrong me also has been getting emails from Will’s home supervisor … for over a month.  This woman met me.  I’m surprised she thought I would just ignore Will’s programing.  I change his programing if I think something else is better.  I reject badly written programming.  I’ve been directing his home programing for seven years.  I “fired” his last supervisor because I asked for a new pinching program because extinction wasn’t working and the supervisor took over a month to write me a crappy extinction program.  Let me put it this way – Will was folding clothes and emptying silverware at 4 because I decided he was capable and his therapists wrote programs for anything I wanted him to do.

I am not the person who will ignore programing emails for over a month.  This supervisor is new, so perhaps she doesn’t know that.  And who knows?  Maybe wrong me has need of a pinching or conversation program.  

I sent wrong me an email today.  (I didn’t call her wrong me because I’m thoughtful like that.)  I said if she gets emails about autism, kids or carrot soup recipes; it’s probably for me and would she please forward them to right me.

I’m crossing my fingers.

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