Friday, April 1, 2011

Charlie the Plasterer is my new best friend

Sorry Marcy.  But he has skills and tools and he’s going to take thtudnwmtb and make everything better.  Eventually, he’ll find me too needy and I throw me off but until then I’m programing his number into my speed dial and I’m going to learn some plastering jargon.

{What do you mean he probably doesn’t want to hang out with me?  I’m cool.  I have skills (handing someone tools totally counts as a skill!  Honestly, Charlie probably values that a lot more than my husband does.)  I know people (alright, to be accurate I know people who know people – which is better than actually knowing people because then you’re always at lunch or Mary Kay parties) and since I don’t drink I’m valuable as a designated driver (that has come in handy since Marcy is a lush*).}

*So kidding about Marcy being a lush (that was artistic license and/or lying) she won’t even take a sip if she’s home alone with her kids.

** And now to save myself a phone call from my dad***.  Yes, dad I realize I shouldn’t have said that about Marcy.  She has a good sense of humor and I know she knows I’m kidding.

***My dad invited Marcy to Thanksgiving Dinner.  Sometimes I think he thinks she’s the “good daughter.”


Anonymous said...

April 1???? Oh I get it!

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I am so not kidding about Charlie! I'm going to make him cookies ... well, maybe buy him cookies.

Anonymous said...

I meant about Marcy!

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