Thursday, April 7, 2011

I’m losing my mind

I went over to thtudnwmtb specifically to give Chris the Plumber a check.  Chris the Plumber came over to thtudnwmtb specifically to get a check.  I grabbed the checkbook on the way out the door and drove to thtudnwmtb.  However, when I pulled the checkbook out of my purse the checks were all used up.  Chris the Plumber left without his check and I mopped the floor and then returned home.

When I got home I started looking for my checkbook.  I started to panic when I couldn’t find it.  Then I looked in my purse.  Yes, it was there.  Apparently, I put it in last night so I wouldn’t forget it.

Status Update:

Thtudnwmtb:  sucking money, downstairs dewalled, drying out

Chris the Plumber:  Thinks I’m flaky. (I forgot my checkbook another day as well and had to drive back to pay him.)

Charlie the Plasterer:  Loves me, has a pulled muscle.

Me:  has a misplaced mind and is so behind the times.  “No one says BFF or BFFL anymore, mom!”  Then when I informed her that she was the one who told me about BFFL Bri responded, “yeah, in fifth grade.”[i]

[i] It was later than that though, because seriously I barely remember last week.  I’m sure I wouldn’t remember BFFL from 4 years ago.

1 comment:

Big Daddy Autism said...

Looks like thtudnwmtb is taking it's toll on you and your new bffls, Charlie and Chris. I'm so proud of thtudnwmtb.

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