Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taming my “Wild Thing”

I took Will to a sensory friendly movie a couple of months ago for the first time in years.  He protested loudly and energetically, but I persevered.  I took him to another movie two weeks ago and he was even better.  Then on Saturday our town’s sped-pac sponsored a showing of The Child King and since my husband was out of town and I wanted Bri to see it I decided to take Will even though I couldn’t bring any snacks to distract him.  I brought a couple books instead.  He was surprising good.  I was going to take him out at one point but we sat on the last row instead and he was really interested in the last part of the movie.  It’s very exciting to have a new activity for him.

I am also very excited because one of Will’s teachers at MyGym is going to take him swimming on Fridays.  This is a wonderful because I signed the other kids up for ski lessons on Friday afternoons and I wasn’t looking forward to dragging Will to the lodge with me!

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