Sunday, December 6, 2009

It’s Better Than Christmas

My husband went to the library on Saturday and brought me home a stack of books.  I have admittedly lowbrow tastes and enjoy a daily murder mystery with the occasional decent book thrown in.  I figure, I read enough that even if I don’t count most of what I read, I still read more than the average person.

My husband is pretty much a non-fiction reader and he has a talent for finding interesting books.  I passed on Kant but I’m very interested in A Saint on Death Row, Living in the Age of Entitlement:  The Narcissism Epidemic, Three Generations, No Imbeciles, and Our Lot:  How Real Estate Came To Own Us.  I started reading Born to Run last night and it’s interesting!  Interesting enough that I briefly considered running for pleasure; naturally that idea passed quickly but I give credit to the book that it influenced me to think running could be enjoyable.

My running history is painful.  My dad liked to jog and I remember our family running together.  I would try to keep up with my older sisters and would get horrible side aches.  My dad told me to belly breathe.  (Note: that never worked!)  Well, about five years ago I found out why jogging was so unpleasant for me.  I was trying to keep up with my older sister who was trying to keep up with our dad!  Basically, a nine year old was trying to keep pace with a man in his 30s.  There was no way that was going to end well.  And it gave me a lasting hatred for jogging.


Anonymous said...

You weren't the only one to get side aches on those runs.. Bean and I would have to stop coming up the hill on 2000 So... ugh. I don't take my girls on jogs, instead we bike for 5-15 miles. JD

Life as the mother of 4 said...

JD read the book! It seriously makes me want to start running barefoot -- every time I pick it up!

I can imagine us all trying to keep up with the person ahead, who is trying to keep up with the person ahead, who ....

If I was then who I am now, I'd have fallen to my knees and while shaking my fists in the air shouted, "curses!" or at least "that's going to leave a mark."

Anonymous said...

Fitness for life(or death;) did it in for me.

Eileen said...

Too funny!

I really did enjoy running. So, every once in awhile, I will go running again. Then, I remember why I don't run anymore. My knees. They just can't take it. If they could, I would still have issues with the tendonitis on the front of my feet/ankles.

btw if you were 9, dad was probably 35 ;).

I never could keep up with John... He was just too fast. :p

Ahhh.... good times.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

I just made up some numbers. I wasn't sure how young I was when we started. Eileen, read the book!

Anonymous said...

All I know is that I felt like I had to run... but it was fun to do things together. JD

Anonymous said...

I didn't know I was so mean. Actually I was taking the pace from Eileen. She was the youngest. JD was next youngest. You are six years older than Eileen and and two years older than JD. So I wasn't too worried about you making it.

I realized you weren't thrilled about it. But we all needed a little exercise.

This reminds me of one time JD and I went for a bike ride. On the way home we rode up 20th south. 2/3's of the way up the hill I suddenly remembered JD. I hadn't been keeping track of how he was doing!

When I looked back he was ridding with one hand looking all round. Tough kid!

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