Thursday, December 3, 2009

And You Think This Is My Fault?

“And you think this is my fault?”  Every time I turn around Jacob seems to say this to me.  Usually in aggrieved tones but sometimes angrily or as if offended.  If I tell him that Will is writing on the back of his homework, or that something he did or didn't do caused something else to happen "and you think this is my fault" is his usual response.

I try to be matter of fact when responding but occasionally a “yes, I think it’s your fault” slips out. Then I exchange a glance with my husband and try not to laugh.


kathleen said...

Hello mother of four! I too am a mother of four..actually found your blog through kim wombles..I write all about my kids as well..My goal is to unify parents by talking about how great our kids are.I have another blog at
I am always looking for fun positive good stories from parents people etc..the only rules are they must be positive and there will be no arguing causation etc.etc. A nice place for everyone..Please come check it out..and I would love to have a story from you..
Oh yeah...I often have exchanged glances with my husband...trying not to laugh:) Kathleen
p.s. don't be alarmed by the title "kicking kittens" I named it that because someone thought that me writing with joy about my kids (who have disabilities)was akin to that...sigh

Anonymous said...

I get that from my students when I ask them about their "F"s ... A snide comment sometimes comes out, but I try to remind them that I don't force them to do anything, but they have to accept the consequences (agency)..
Love ya... JD

Anonymous said...

I wonder what word he would prefer instead of fault?

I would offer several, however, since he brought up fault he must understand what it means so I would just agree with him, "yes, I think so, too!"

He is learning to deflect. just make it clear.

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