Thursday, December 10, 2009

. . . And Then My Brain Fell Out

I pulled out all the stuff to decorate the Christmas tree a couple of days ago.  I hoped that my kids would decorate it all and I wouldn’t have to do anything but that still hasn’t happened.  Maybe next year.  The kids put the lights on the tree and we plugged it in.  Only to see that half the lights didn’t work so we halted work on the tree and left four boxes of Christmas crap in the living room for two days while I meant to go to the store and buy lights.

Yesterday, I gave up and asked Bri to take the lights off the tree and put on the multi-colored lights we had, while I went to an autism nutrition thing.  It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and that’s a couple of hours I won’t get back.  Moving on.  I came home and half a strand of lights was on the tree.

Today I went to the store and bought lights.  I was a little perturbed to see they were double the price I thought they were but standing in the line for 10 minutes for three pairs of gloves alone wouldn’t be worth it and I bought them anyway.  I returned home and started unwinding the multi-colored lights.  I opened the first box to see white wiring!  Yes, white!  I was so frustrated.  I was about to put them on the tree anyway; however, upon examination of the boxes (perhaps, I should have done that in the store – but it’s actually Jane’s fault because I was talking to her on the phone) I noticed they were icicle lights.  This is technically the point when my brain fell out of my head.

So, I put the half working strand of white lights back on the tree.  Unfortunately, Jake stepped on some of the lights, at which point they started blinking.  So, I have a tree with working lights going around twice and wide swath of darkness and then the top half of the tree is blinking.  Yea, seriously.

We decorated the tree.  I started packing up the boxes and at the bottom of one I hadn’t looked through yet, I found three unopened boxes of white lights. 

That sound you just heard was karma slapping my face.


Anonymous said...

Funny!!! JB

Anonymous said...

That was pretty funny.. JD

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