Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Yesterday we invited my husband’s cousin and her husband over for dinner.  The kids love having people over so it was fun.  They brought a gingerbread house to build and decorate which was a great idea.  I think we will have to do that in the future.  It will be a fun tradition.  Unfortunately, they left all the candy as well, darn them!

Late last night I walked downstairs to get the Christmas presents but Bri was sitting next to her dad on the couch watching TV.  I growled, “Go to bed!”  She immediately did.  I guess she properly interpreted the growl as an “I’m really tired and if I don’t put out the presents now; I’m going to bed and they’ll get the presents tomorrow after I wake up” kind of growl.

This morning at 7:00am I heard little Lizzy feet run down the hallway to the living room.  Jake came in a couple of times to get us up but I said we weren’t getting up until everyone was up.  I eventually got up but Will was back in bed muttering “So exciting” over and over before switching to “Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2.”  We got him up but he wasn’t interested in any presents – because after all, why would he be?  We got him to open a couple but then he walked downstairs to watch TV, or maybe, just to get away from us.

I almost messed up Lizzy’s presents but fortunately didn’t.  She wanted the Indiana Jones number 2 set but I bought her number 4.  But she decided 4 was better.  My response was, “huh?  Oh, there is more than one set.”  I think the kids were happy with what they got but I know I have a Harry Potter DVD somewhere.  So, I have no idea what else I have hidden from myself.  I inevitably find things I’ve bought for Christmas months later. 

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