Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last week we took everyone to Bri’s middle school play.  Sometimes we trade off nights.  That way we can leave Will home because he doesn’t always like to go to things and is disruptive.  But I had a Ladies Night Out dinner I wanted to go to on Friday so I decided the whole family could see Bri’s play on Saturday.  I brought Will’s iPod and a couple of Dr. Seuss books for him.  We sat on the balcony where there were fewer people and Will did really well.  He took off his shoes, refused to listen to his music and started eating his books.  He clapped and “whooed” loudly at the end (and as much as I’d like to say it was because of Bri's superb acting I think it was probably because the play ended).

My husband took all the other kids home while I waited for Bri.  On the way home we talked about the characters in the play.  I told her that Hector had been my book boyfriend since I’d read the Iliad in high school.  I would have named one of my sons Hector if it sounded ok.  (It didn’t and neither did Henry.)  Bri said that a lot her friends’ book boyfriends were Edward or Jacob.  She said wanted a monster book boyfriend too.  I said that I'd rather have a heroic, human book boyfriend.  She said humans are boring.

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