Friday, October 23, 2009

Eventually Finally Made It

When I moved into this house over a year ago I was enthusiastic about painting and removing the wallpaper but that didn't last. The wallpaper proved stubborn and multilayered; and I curse the name of the person who put up the wall paper in this house.

Thus, I’ve been sleeping on mattress on the floor because while the wallpaper was mostly stripped in my room, it wasn’t entirely and it wasn’t painted. And I didn’t want to set up our bed because that would just get in the way of “working” on the room. (And there’s a slight chance that I didn’t want to admit that I’d given up on finishing the room.) And after a while, I didn’t even notice the half pink wall anymore.

I recently started shopping for bedroom sets but I had a difficult time finding one that fit nicely in the room because it isn’t that large. So, I put off that as well, until Thursday. I found a bedroom set that I thought would be ok, although it’s not my dream set.

At this point I have a deadline so I decided the time had come to finish the room. I cleared everything out; and puttied the first wallpaper crease. I then realized that my self-imposed deadline would be moved back and remembered why I’d put off this task for over a year. That’s right, this sucks!

So, I went to lunch with Marcy, then fortified with sushi I began the laborious process of puttying, sanding, priming and painting the trim. And that’s where I am at 11:22pm on Friday night. Tomorrow I’m sure there won’t be any flaws that show up in daylight and I can move right into the painting phase after which I’ll finish sewing Brianne’s Halloween costume for a costume party Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a happy birthday.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Yes, thanks. But I'm done (basically); well, with as I'm planning on doing.

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