Saturday, October 3, 2009

Toxins, Pesticides and Me, Oh My!

I went to a conference Friday on the Specific Carbohydrates Diet SCD and heard Martha Herbert's lecture again. On the way home I called my sister Eileen and we talked about hormones, pesticides, organic foods, toxins, resetting your body and the American diet, as one of the lecturers called it, which was full of non-foods. She said that anything processed that was shelf stable for two years wasn't food.

Our food supply, all the toxins in our environment, the effects of diet on a person, epigenetics, processed foods, pesticides, the changes in our DNA -- all this things are floating around in my brain as I try to make sense of this all and my family's health. What am I feeding my kids? I see it especially with William. Before starting him on the gluten and casein free diet he was unhealthy, too skinny, in a cognitive haze and completely unreachable. Now he is reachable but unable to moderate his own food intake.

How badly have we damaged our earth, our children and ourselves? I read Lerner's essay on the environmental health movement. While I don't agree with everything he wrote I do believe that the human story is connected to the story of the birds, frogs and fish; and that children have to right to grow up in an healthy environment.

The Age of Extinction and The Emerging Environmental Health Movement by Michael Lerner.

How stable is our world? I haven't finished looking at this website but here is a UN Report: Milliennium Ecosystem Assessment

Our children start out being poisoned. Read Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns: A benchmark investigation of industrial chemicals, pollutants and pesticides in umbilical cord blood.

What does all this environmental damage, pollution, and toxins mean to me? Well, I think everything is combining together to create a perfect storm of health problems. And those of us more genetically susceptible are going down in a sea of autism, asthma, learning disabilities, ADD, lupus, allergies .... One of my children has already figuratively "drowned," I'd prefer that my grandchildren be spared.

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