Monday, October 5, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

This morning I found part of a tomato in my shoe. Since the tomato was upstairs and the shoes were found downstairs this indicates some level of planning…. But one question remains …. why? And while I’m on the subject of unanswerable questions; what is William trying to cook? Which leads me to the thought that no one should ever, ever teach him how to turn on the oven! I can only imagine the trauma that would ensue, considering that he has already started a couple of fires and is responsible for the burned toaster oven. And I had a really disturbing dream last night that made me think that perhaps it’s for the best that I only have four children because in my dream I had a baby and toddler. The toddler was playing down the hill at a playground surrounded with other kids and parents. A mechanical dinosaur that was larger then the little boy scared him. Apparently I thought that was fine and continued to watch from my car. After a while I decided to go check on him. I was trying to slide my way out of the car. I was planning on leaving my baby in the car while I checked on the other child. Someone I knew climbed in. I asked her about my toddler. She replied that no one knew where his parents were so he was taken into police custody. Warning: the disturbing part of my dream coming up, I thought great I’m going to get another lecture from the police about wandering children. Yeah, that’s what I was concerned about -- I guess it’s a good thing the dream children didn’t exist. But at that point I woke up.

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