Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How Do People With Actual Paying Jobs Do It?

Yesterday Bri asked if her friend could sleep over since today was a professional day. I said yes. My husband informed me that he was heading to Connecticut. I told Bri I was going to the school board meeting that night so she had to baby sit.

School board meeting …. Sigh …. Long and boring and we pissed of the new superintendent. So, it all worked out pretty much the way we expected.

This morning I sent Will off to school then headed to the Y to teach my preschool enrichment class (Bri babysitting again). On the way home I got a message from a college roommate that she was in state but “carless.” I offered to pick her up and drive her back to where she was staying. So, I left the parent meeting at Will’s school early, drove almost 40 minutes away to Acton to pick up my friend and returned home before Will therapy was scheduled to start. So, although Bri’s friend slept over I only was home for part of it and most of that time was spent cooking for them.

Ronit and I spent five and a half hours talking and only skimmed the surface of the last twelve years.

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