Saturday, January 10, 2009

Removing Wallpaper is an Advanced Interrogation Technique

Something is drastically wrong with wallpaper when it is easier to remove an actual wall layer than the plastic under layer of the wallpaper. At this point in my career as the owner of a chronically underpaid wall paper removal service, with the only person worse off than me being Marcy as she is neither being paid nor improving her own home and removing wallpaper is taking her away from her Wii Fit, I’m not really sure that I want to stay in this business. It is potentially dangerous. I have felt painful steam burns that smart (both mentally and physically), especially when I caused the burn by doing something stupid.

I finished removing the wallpaper from the dining room and I thought I’d take down the 80s era wallpaper boarder in my bathroom. How long could it take? I asked myself. I foreshadowed myself and didn’t even realize it! Needless to say, that 80s wallpaper has superpowers. Its’ ability to adhere to my wall is epic! I peeled off the colored part but either a plastic/papery part is left curling off the wall or when the wallpaper came off so did a strip from the wall. (Is it horrible to admit I prefer the latter?)

So, to do a sum up of my house: Office: mostly done just touch up painting and a piece of crown molding to put back up – of course, it has remained in the same state for 4 months now. Bedroom: wallpaper removed, three walls painted with horrible smelling lacquer primer that nearly caused me to asphyxiate, one wall a pink and white splotchy mess. Dining room: the wallpaper is removed, but it needs to be painted and patched. Bathroom: kicked my butt.

I think the house is winning.

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