Thursday, May 1, 2008

Taupe-less Dancer

Marcy and I went to get pedicures today. It’s a little weird to have someone messing with your feet but I like the massage. I wouldn’t want to get the massage chair mad at me because in a fight I think it would win. My nails were painted “taupe-less dancer” and Marcy chose “Chapel of Love.” It sounds like a tawdry trip to the strip. I’d tell you more but . . . what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

After our nails were done we went to Whole Foods in our attractive new “flip flops.” It’s really hard to walk in those. I felt that I needed to lift my foot really high so as to not bend the bottom. So, I have a new top model walk. I was going to keep the flip flops for summer but, unfortunately, I broke one getting into my van.

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