Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beware the Geese of May

Jake came home from school and said he was late because his friend Yardley was trying to adopt a goose. An hour later a different friend came over to look for Yardley. Jake told him where Yardley was, and then became worried that Yardley would be pecked by the goose. I said that a goose is not in the top ten most dangerous animals list. Jake hotly replied that there were 6 geese and 12 goslings and Yarley was in a significant amount of danger. Unsympathetically, I replied that he needed to finish his homework before he rescued his friend from the dangerous and deadly gaggle of geese.

Where did this gooseanoia come from? Why did he choose to be afraid of geese? I have an irrational fear of sharks. Why not pick a scary animal like that? You might as well be scared of squirrels! Wait. . . . I remember being scared when a squirrel ran down the sidewalk towards me. It was so out of character for a squirrel that I thought it might be rabid. And I ran away. Come to think of it -- I am scared of birds, and dogs, and cows, and sharks, and chickens, and bugs. I am pretty much scared of all animal life. The only thing I am not scared of are bees and I’m allergic to them. If I got close to a goose it might scare me too. Alright, I guess I can't blame the gooseanoia on my husband's genetics.

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