Thursday, May 8, 2008


I went in to Will’s school today to see how Will did on the alternative MCAS. It was fun to see his stuff. He did well on reading comprehension which is great considering his teachers haven’t targeted it. He is going to get a new home therapist because Lindsey (Linzing according to Will) is too busy with school and work. His supervisor said that all the therapists fight over who gets to work with Will; so, hopefully they can find someone who works with him at school to do his home hours.

When I see Will at school all he wants to do is cuddle. In the OT room he said, “mom, bed sit.” So, we cuddled on the bean bag bed for five minutes. He likes to cuddle with his dad and me. He’ll say, “mom, bed sit,” and “dad, bed sit.” Then go to the doorway, check to make sure we’re still there, run to grab his blankets and come back and cuddle with both of us. Needless to say, it’s very cute but I am done cuddling sooner than he is.

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