Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A cornered rat will bite

Right now our family is like giant rats stuck in a maze of a two bedroom apartment. One rat gets to leave the two bedroom maze to work in a different maze. But at least it’s bigger and he doesn’t have to hear the little rattlings argue. Mama rat gets to hear the little rattlings argue because all the good toy cheese is in storage in Texas. Mama rat can’t send the baby rats to different rooms when they argue because there just aren’t that many rooms. However, I am starting to feel creative and may assign one or more rats to sleep in closets. I’ll say, “Now you have your own room!”

The apartment is sucking life out of me. At this point I have an irrational fear that I will never leave. I think that something will go wrong at closing and we won’t buy the house. My apartment peeps say I should stay and I think I just might. As evidence of my despair of ever leaving I have started buy items like canned goods and roller blade pads. It’s truly absurd as I would never let my kids roller blade in the parking lot! Obviously, I’m becoming irrational.

Well, my children have discovered a way to calm the Rat Queen. Jake just had me put on a blindfold and walked me to the kitchen; the kids had made dinner complete with a salad, set the table and were sitting down waiting for me. It really nice to know that if the apartment drives me completely psychotic the children won’t starve!

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