Friday, May 16, 2008

Field Trip

I took all the kids to the library last night because I had puttered around my day and went shopping with Marcy. I took everyone because I didn’t want Bri and Jake to play Game Cube while I was gone. It was not the brightest idea to go at 6:30 dragging them away from playing games. I envisioned a quick in and out trip. But . . .

Lizzy cried and whined over not getting to choose the movie because I didn’t check out the movie she wanted last week. Jake was shushed by a custodian. Will as usual headed straight for the Dr. Seuss books. He emptied the books from the shelves onto the table and stimmed with them.

I help Jake choose some new graphic novels and tell everyone it’s time to leave. The movie Lizzy wants to check out next week ends up in a librarian’s desk with Lizzy’s name on it. I check out three copies of Dr. Seuss’ The butter battle book. And Will’s not pleased that the four copies of The Foot Book have been left behind. He doesn’t realizes how lucky he is that I have peeps in the Children’s Section because otherwise we may not be allowed back.

Librarian Teri tells me that she has the identical model of Lizzy at home.

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