Sunday, May 18, 2008

The eleventh commandment (that I'm sure was left off inadvertently): Thou shalt not smite thy brother

I was sitting next to Jake in the pew when suddenly he picks up a hymnal and hits himself in the forehead. What!? He follows that up by kneeing the pew in front of him. I don’t know why. Maybe he was bored. Probably he was just expressing his feelings at being forced to go to church. It just got better from there. I look over at my husband who is taking a nap while I’m trying to keep the kids contained in our area. When we got home the kids start talking about smiting each other. I told Lizzy to stop smiting Jake and she responds, “I’m not smiting him. I’m pretending to kick him.” At least they are picking something up from church.


Poi people Filigree phoenix said...

Hows the haircut and the beach?=)
hi there im new to blogger but not new to being a mum or Autism. my son is 16 and Autistic. saw you here so reached out. pleasde read my blog re A phoenix and a Leo etc. its our Autism story and i'd love to hear yours too.
If you feel motivated join my network called poi people, theres a picture link in the blog, where fire art people, autism and social change all unite and help each other out, chat etc.
smiles for now

Anonymous said...

You know, cliff was put into the HP group because he sleeps through church too. Pres. Kimball said sleeping on sunday was an acceptable thing to do, as well as attend church. So, do they get double prizes?

Life as the mother of 4 said...

J has it down pat. He sits on the end and I have kids on both sides of me so I get from all sides.

Anonymous said...

We believe in the laying on of hands. . . . elbows, knees, feet and big sticks! Some times, people just need a smite.

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