Sunday, May 11, 2008

Early Warning System Failure

This it one of those day Will is into everything. He ate some wheat yesterday so it throws off his whole day and makes him crazy. I just went into the living room and found Will with something white smeared on his legs, stomach, hands and the couch. It smelled minty. Toothpaste. Not bad, considering what he has gotten into. We had a lotion phase, a fluff phase, a shampoo phase and much, much worse. Actually, he’ll smear anything he finds on himself. I buy the cheapest shampoo I can find because Will dumps it out. I don’t remember the last time we actually used a whole bottle on our hair. One time, Bri washed her hair once before Will dumped out the remainder of the bottle. Usually, we get at least five shampoos before we need a new bottle. I don’t mind Will getting into shampoo as much as I mind other things because at least clean up is easy. Once he smeared Eucerin all over himself and had greasy hair for several days because that stuff doesn’t wash out with soap! My dream house has a bathroom that is one giant shower for easy cleanup.

And to think I was contemplating buying a couch that wasn’t leather.

Ironically, I was just called away because Will dumped out a box of tapioca flour on the table. He dumped the water out of my roses earlier. One would think that with two other children in the room someone might notice when Will was into something, but no. Using Bri and Jake as an early warning system would be a dismal failure. We could be invaded by the Chinese and neither would notice as long as they didn’t turn off the TV!

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