Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowdays – Now they’re cutting into our Vacation

We got 13 INCHES OF SNOW, in just the LAST STORM!  School won’t get out until June 22nd now.  I am so tired of snow and snowdays and shoveling and complaints about shoveling, and my kids throwing *things on the roof when they’re suppose to be shoveling!

Honestly at this point, I’d probably cry if my 70 year-old neighbor didn’t snowblow out the end of my driveway every snow storm!  Yes, I have become the kind of person who wants their 70 year-old neighbor to work while I stay inside, curled up with a book, under a blanket, with a babysitter watching my kids so they don’t disturb me.  Ugly isn’t it?  I am ashamed … but not ashamed enough to go outside a couple of hours sooner to shovel out the end of my own driveway.

I had some ugly thoughts today while I was shoveling.  Shocking I know, sorry to disappoint!  I decided I was going to tell my husband if he didn’t get rid of the trailer in front of my **house this year I was going to stop shoveling his side of the driveway.  And I decided we’re getting a snowblower for next year.

*Things like an ice scrapper because that’s really useful on the roof.  Then perhaps one of the kids could kind of bang on the roof with the shovel because nothing bad can come from that!  … Can it?

**The trailer he bought when we were going to move to Texas and sold our house and I moved with 4 children into a 2 bedroom apartment for one month because it had TWO bathrooms and I really need TWO bathrooms so I chose that apartment over the one with 5 bedrooms and ONE bathroom.  And we ended up changing our mind about moving to Texas because William and services and schools.  And I ended up living in the 2 bedroom apartment for 6 months while I looked for another house to buy – but at least it had TWO BATHROOMS!  That made everything better!  But the trailer – yeah, we still have it.  I don’t know why.  We don’t use it and I have shoveled around it for two years.  I know that I could do something about it but I have cultivated trailer helplessness.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

You could put the trailer behind the house?

Big Daddy Autism said...

Still not clear on this thing you call "snow" and why you need to shovel it. Oh well. Time for a dip in the pool.

Life as the mother of 4 said...


Oh, right -- then I'd never get rid of it.

Snow = money the more I complain the more money I have to buy chocolate!

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