Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy, Busy

I don’t know how working mothers volunteer in the schools, et al! (But I know some who do – for instance my friend the PTO President.)  This week is killing me!  Tuesday, for instance, I made a birthday lunch for two friends, had a meeting with the superintendent, dropped books off at the library, picked up Jake from school, drove him to EmPOWER tutoring, pulled into my driveway, got a 911 call from Cheryl, drove to Cheryl’s house, worked on our power point presentation with her, went home for 30 minutes, went to the school board meeting, our PAC presented (the “woo, woos” may not have been appropriate), and walked into my house at 10:00pm.  It’s lucky I have a babysitter (Bri) and that Will and Lizzy didn’t need anything from me!

Today I taught two preschool enrichment classes at the Y, drove home for lunch, tried to return to Will’s school for a fundraising meeting (but had to wait for a funeral procession – which isn’t a big deal and I don’t begrudge the police escort and stop in the middle, but it added an extra 15 minutes, and for a hour long meeting you start to wonder if it’s worth it once you add up drive time).  Then I drove Will home, he had therapy.  Thankfully* my husband is taking Bri and Jake to their evening activities and I decided chocolate chips would work just as well as candy for their ice cream sculptures (the activity) since I forgot to buy candy.

Tomorrow Jake has a Macbeth Puppet Show in the morning (I don’t know either but I expect it to be award winning), then I’ll go back to his school to help out with the afterschool Shakespeare play because I have mad acting skills (Meaning 1.  I volunteered 2.  Not really), then I’ll go pick up Jordan, Will’s friend, for a facilitated play date, and hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a fencing make-up for Jake (Oh, husband, the joy I feel at your desire to sign up Jake for a Saturday activity when he has to miss many of them due to scouting commitments makes me want to stuff chocolate** in my mouth!).  Don’t tell Lizzy (because she might hurt me) but I’m planning on skipping the Dr. Seuss Night at her school.

I complained to Marcy that I was never this busy before I met her***.  She said, “Me either!” and added a “by the way, I signed us up to do monthly teacher appreciation breakfasts at Jake and Dav’s school****.”

I apologize for the “woe is me” post but now I feel better!

*And yes, honestly I probably could have sucked it up and driven them since it would have included ice cream for me.


*** Mostly because I spent a lot of time watching crappy TV, and hanging out with Katherine and Alyica (who both moved, the brats!)

**** Honestly, I can’t complain about that because I volunteered her to do the once-a-year staff appreciation breakfast at Will’s school.  And if this was payback all I can say is SHE.IS.THE.MASTER. and I hope to learn from her.

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