Friday, February 18, 2011

Of course, I decided it was just wishful thinking that I could send Will to a sleep-away camp

Because really I could not see dropping my son off at camp for five days and, while staying in an inn in the same town, not visiting him every day.  And what would I do if he wanted me to stay?  ... Well, obviously I'd sleep on the floor next to him.  And I can pretty much guarantee he'd want me to stay.  It was a nice idea while it lasted but I don't think Will would be *comfortable with the idea and I certainly wouldn't be **comfortable on the floor even if I brought my own air mattress.  So now I have to decide about whether I think the day camp will be good for him.

*And upon reflection I thought that Will wasn't independent or verbal enough to sleep over.
**Besides, I brought it up to Bri and she wasn't comfortable with the idea.

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Anonymous said...

So, you are saying: it's your problem?

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