Thursday, February 24, 2011

Days Two and Three of Will’s Personal Vacation Program

Sometimes the universe decides to drop kick me.  Fortunately, today it didn’t.  When I dropped Will off at his personal vacation program yesterday, the aides that accompanied him were quick to talk about how wonderful, good and smart Will is.  Naturally, I being the co-president of his fan club quickly agreed (you can join too for the initial joining fee of $500 – the high cost is because we are saving up for a fan member vacation … er, team building excursion to the Bahamas.  Sans children, naturally, because it will be nothing but work, work, work and I fear they would be bored.)

Anyway, yesterday the two aides took Will bowling (he bowled most of their games), then out for lunch, then to a mall to ride on a carousal.  Today Will went mini-golfing, hammered and painted a wooded giraffe, and out to lunch.  They also provided a very cute peer model today to go with Will.  This personal vacation week just kept getting better and better as they added additional activities and people for him.

Meanwhile on day 3 -- I took the rest of my gaggle of children to the Boston Museum of Science.  We saw a planetarium show, raced boats and visited the Butterfly Garden.  A butterfly landed on Lizzy’s finger.  Jake stood still forever in hopes one would land on him and I flinched whenever a butterfly flew too close to me.  Because apparently butterflies creep me out.  I now consider them small birds.  And the flapping of bird wings in enclosed spaces makes me want to cower in a corner while holding my head.  The flapping of hundreds ok, maybe not hundreds but definitely several dozen butterfly wings in an enclosed area is also creepy.  And I never plan to go to another butterfly garden ever!

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