Friday, February 4, 2011

And the winter drags on

I use to like snowdays, the sleeping in, relaxing.  This year I’ve changed my mind.  I enjoyed the first four snowdays.  Then I didn’t.  There is so much snow I don’t know where to put it.  Yesterday I drove past a 36 foot pile of snow with a digger on top moving piles of snow around to make room for the upcoming 6 inches we’re expecting tomorrow. 

Status Updates

Marcy:  Ceiling in her family room leaked.   Status:  House has fans, workmen, doesn't have a ceiling.  I'm going with delighted.

Husband:  Shoveled snow off the roof – didn’t fall off!  I’m very happy! Status:   Cold and bitter

Me:  Shoveled an obscene amount of snow & got a message from the mailman to shovel out my mailbox.  Status:  Worried, jealous of anyone with a snowblower

Bri:  Slept in more mornings than expected & had extra time to do homework.  Status:  Math Nerd

Jake:  Threw an ice scrapper on the roof & is going to sleep in the snow again next week.  Status:  Crazy

Will:  Had four/eight home therapy sessions this month + one makeup session.   Why do snowdays fall on therapy days?  Status:  Stimmy

Lizzy:  Made little trails in the snow & went snowshoeing for PE; still sleeping under piles of blankets, with two pajamas pants, shirt and fleece.  Status:  warm, adorable and happy


Big Daddy Autism said...

Status Update:

Me: Still no snow. (Six Billion years and counting.) Laid by the pool. Ate pizza.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

You. are. a. brat! mumble...

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