Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seconday Cook

Background:  I made spaghetti for dinner tonight because I didn’t plan ahead and I knew that no one would complain about eating it.

Jake walked in the kitchen, saw what I was making, and exclaimed, “Mom, you’re a great secondary cook.  I think you’d agree that dad is the best cook and you’re a secondary cook.”

After listening to Jake’s monologue for several minutes, dad was promoted to chief, I to primary cook and secondary cooks were described as producing barely edible food.  I didn’t disagree because he was trying not to hurt my feelings and admittedly from his perspective I probably make barely edible food such as scrambled eggs, or waffles on Sunday nights all the time! (It’s as if I didn’t know that waffles are BREAKFAST FOODS and it is probably ILLEGAL in several countries to serve them at night!)  I also cook non-Mexican foods on occasion . . . Wow, the more I think about the foods I actually expect him to eat the more I think I should be relegated to a tertiary level of cookery.

But, and I’m very serious here, I don’t understand why my husband is regarded as my cooking superior because, after all, he makes curries, Indian foods and greens which Jake never touches.  Jake merely eats the accompanying rice with an obscene amount of soy sauce dumped on top! 

It’s not as if I want to be the primary cook.  I’m looking forward to my husband’s retirement when he shall truly become the primary cook.  Unfortunately, that day will not come until all, ok three out of the four, of our children move out and he will not have to listen to years of disparaging cooking comments leading him to hate cooking and contemplating cooking oatmeal with boiled raisins for breakfast every morning, followed up with liver and onions for both lunch and dinner!


Eileen said...

That's hilarious!

We have been having conversations about liver at our house, too. My kids want to try it. But, I don't want to have to eat it, smell it, or buy it (not in that order, of course).

Anonymous said...

Oh the good old days!

Mom would cook liver. I'd eat it with chili sauce.

No matter how good I'd say it was you guys wouldn't try it.

So I'd to eat it except for what Mom would eat of course.

It was eat it or get it for every meal.

Thanks a lot guys!

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