Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Math Nerd – And I totally blame this on her father

I picked up Bri from school today to take her to the dentist because she has defective teeth.  Three molars came in with holes.  Honestly – my first thought when they said that was “then why am I paying for braces?”  And no, I didn’t say that out loud because I have a tiny bit of self control.  I was innocently minding my own business for once, usually when she’s in the car with me I like to ask her if she likes any guys or if anyone else asked her out (she can’t date until she’s 16  . . . and be quiet, I already hear how unreasonable that is from Marcy).  So, we were in the car when she mentioned she had memorized Pi to 100 decimals out.  And before I could even ask WHY she had started reciting them.  

As I was driving, I rejected the idea of clubbing myself into unconsciousness on the steering wheel -- but I wanted to.  When she apologized for messing up I refrained from stating the obvious, “sweetie, I never would have known and I really don’t care.”  Bri has been the reigning Pi champion at her school for two years.  Last year her closest competition knew Pi out to maybe twenty decimals so I think she got a little worried.  When she finished she mentioned that she would keep memorizing more until Pi day.   Then she segued into singing Third Eye Blind's How's It Going To Be.  Just when I've pigeonholed her into total nerd status she proves me wrong.

Fortunately (kidding), she was unintelligible, due to the Novocain, on her way back to school so I have no idea whether she recited any more numbers.    And I haven’t told her yet but I think she may have a conflict between an orchestra concert and the Pi competition . . . I guess it’s a nerd conflict.

Update:  When I told Bri I called her a math nerd because of her mad math skills.  She said she wasn't a nerd and disparaged my math skills.  It was as if she thought that I thought anyone with math skills is a nerd.  

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