Thursday, March 18, 2010


Two weeks ago I took Lizzy and Will to a dollar store.  It was not fun.  I don’t know what was up with Will but he probably pinched me 50 times.  The pinches may have affected my brain and I bought Lizzy a felt, green and white striped hat.  She wore that hat every day to school until she left it at a friend’s house.  Unfortunately for Lizzy, I have not gone over to get it because it would probably take me at least two minutes to drive to her friend’s house and I only pass by it once or twice a day.  As I think about this I realize it is very bad that I did not get the hat for her because she was also sleeping with it, she told me it “was really special to her,” and she didn’t have it on St. Patrick’s Day which was doubtlessly the day when wearing a green and white striped hat reminiscent of the Cat in the Hat makes the most sense.

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