Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pump It Up

Lizzy went to a birthday party yesterday at Pump It Up in Shrewsbury. I decided to stay because it’s a twenty minute drive there. I realized that I didn’t know anyone in her class to carpool with so I decided to invest the time in meeting other women who can hopefully drive Lizzy places for me in the future!

So, of course, I first talked to the grandmother who was visiting from Buffalo. Then, inevitably, I somehow found the other mother who had kids with special needs. I don’t need a tattoo of a puzzle piece on my forehead because I assume I radiate it somehow.

She sought me out because the teacher recommended Lizzy as a playmate for her child. Actually it’s the second time a parent has told me that a teacher recommended Lizzy as a friend. It’s nice to know that Lizzy is kind. And as I told the mom – all sorts of behaviors seem normal to Lizzy such as wearing underwear backwards, jumping on a trampoline naked . . . Quite frankly, any of the odd behaviors their kids might do probably doesn't come close to that standard.

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