Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"All Done!"

When Will gets on his bus in the morning he usually starts saying Jordan’s name before we open the door. He says hi over and over again as they hold hands and look at each other.

When I got him off his bus on Tuesday I interrupted him while he was calling me Michelle to tell him the real Michelle was coming to our house and bringing his friend Jordon. Naturally, I thought he would be thrilled when I told him they were coming but he said, “All done!” Thinking that he must not have understood what I was saying again I told him they were coming over. “All done!” He said again.

Will needs some time after school to decompress. (He decompresses in part by calling me other people’s names over and over again.) But I realized that I could have told him an elephant was coming to give him a ride to a special place filled with trampolines, swings and all the gluten and casein he could cram down his throat while he blasted children’s songs on a CD player loudly enough to blow out his eardrums and had five copies of Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! to stim on and he still would have told me “all done!”

I stopped torturing/talking to him and concentrated on helping him put his stuff away and when I was just about ready to leave him alone to relax he told me, “I love you.”

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