Saturday, February 21, 2009

And Some People Don’t Think Autism is Funny

One of my friends brought over her two boys to play. The older is autistic but incredibly, hilariously verbal. He proceeded to lecture us on parenting and the rights of children. He was concerned with the control parents exert over their children. For example, some parents have the actual nerve not to let their children swear. No, seriously this was an example of what he called Parent/Child Terrorism! Some parents take this further into a little something he likes to call Parent/Child Communism.

He then delved into the economic portion of his revolutionary treatise. He brought in the current economic crisis and how that related to allowance. And warned us that things must change! Or else there could be a “FULL SCALE CHILD INVASION!” And if we had any desire to advert the coming “Second Civil Rights War” the time to change was now! He started talking strategy but at that point I had lost it.

He had told the wrong parent. In our family, we had long ago entered into a system I like to call a Parent/Child Oligarchy and I will combine with other like minded totalitarian systems to crush the emerging rebellion of children.

Evil laugh!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can hear that laugh even here in little orem ;) Hope everything is going well.

Love always

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