Friday, February 20, 2009

Facebook Divorce

Back when I was new to Facebook I sent friend requests to people that had I understood the friend concept or had any idea that I would actually check out Facebook on a regular basis I wouldn’t have. I am really to self absorbed to care about whether some of my “friends” go to the movies or blah, blah, blah. And to be perfectly honest I don’t believe that they care what I’m doing either. I’ve discovered that I’m not the 200 or even 50 friend type. Yeah, it’s kind of cool to shout out to a high school friend. But then what? It’s often enough for me to email something and then, I’m done. But then you have the whole awkward meeting pause and someone mumbles, “You know we should get together sometime.” And the next thing you know you’re friends and never “speak” again.

I like hearing from people that I was actually friends with at some point but acquaintances; well, I don’t feel a need to build my numbers. I’m too nice to ignore someone’s friend request if I actually know them. I know, I know there is no way that they would be devastated if I ignored it but . . .

So, I’m going to defriend some people; (though not any of the really funny ones because I have some very amusing friends that I’d follow even if I didn’t know them; example, my ultra cool sis-in-law.) It’s nothing personal but if we don’t/didn’t talk in real life I really don't care if you're training puppies on Facebook?

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