Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Next Day

On Thanksgiving we had thirteen people over for dinner then we played games.  We played Agricola and now my friend Raskell is addicted to it.   “You’re welcome Raskell!”  (Really I’m just excited that someone else wants to play it with me.)  We are so much fun that some of our friends didn’t leave until midnight.  (Not that I blame them of course!  Reason 1:  I’m fantastic, Reason 2: Agricola is fantastic.)

Then Bri and I decided to go shopping Friday morning.  I set my alarm for 7.  I was tired but got up.  Selfishly I love the whole open at midnight thing (not really I think people should be able to spend Thanksgiving day and now the night with their families) because other people can wait in line and go crazy and Bri and I can show up at Target at 7:45am, get everything I want except a $15 handheld mixer thing and have to cashiers ready to ring us up.  Then we went to Old Navy where again the line wasn’t too long and then we went to Kohl’s.  Bri found a wonderful present for me to buy for my husband.  I cannot mention what it was because he reads my blog but it is fantastic and he really wants it (or at least he will once he gets it!).  Bri said she gets to use it while he is travelling.  Then we went to Payless because Bri couldn’t find any shoes at Kohl’s or Target.   I spent a frightening amount of money. Hmmm … oh well.

When we came home everyone else, except William because he was busy watching TV, was cleaning out the garage because a possum had been living there because the cat who sleeps in the garage apparently took out an ad for a roommate.  I explained to the cat that she is not allowed to get roommates, sublet or have loud parties in the garage!  She looked at me and walked away.  I decided to take that as agreement.

Sadly my kids had asked me if they could spend Friday not cleaning and I agreed forgetting that I had already agreed with their father that we would spend the day raking and/or cleaning out the garage.

Sad Face.

So when I got home I started blowing and raking up the five inches of pine needles that covered up my back yard.  We had already filled up 27 leaf bags so we were forced to take the additional 20? bags of pine needles and  dump them in our back, back yard behind our fence.  Hopefully we never decide to use that land for anything because it is 3 feet higher than it was when we moved in and I really really don’t want to bag that many leaves and needles.

I was raking so vigorously that I didn’t notice a blister the size of a grapefruit form on the bottom of the inside of my thumb until it popped.  (FYI: popped blisters sting when you do dishes.)  I mentioned to my husband that I probably have another ten hours of raking to do and he helpfully suggested that I have time next week when our children are in school.  So considerate, my husband.

My back and shoulders are quite sore. 

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