Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Instant Messaging Marcy

I posted "the only good thing about accidentally kicking the wall was that the ensuing toe pain distracted me from my headacheon facebook.

Marci asked, "What happened?"

I answered with the obvious, "Sheer unadulterated talent."

At which point she suspected possible impairment (which in my case can only be sleep deprivation because I am a puritan) and she instant messaged me, "seriously, what did you do?"

walked out of the bathroom

I killed the electric pencil sharpener, how is that for talent?

that's awesome someone should pay you for that

how much do you think I could charge to go around and randomly kill small electric appliances?

I don't know but I'll ask my husband to write you a business plan

you do that and let me know when he stops laughing.

come on ... surely someone would pay for that

And that my friends is why I love Marcy.

... because she dangerous.

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