Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cleaning out my Freezer

If there is any benefit to one’s power being out for four days due to a hurricane, it could be the necessity of cleaning out your freezer.  Although Will nearly went crazy and Marcy and Cheryl still laugh at the contents of my freezer I was glad that the universe forced me to empty it. 

(And I think that many people probably routinely have 14 packages of frozen peas and 8 packages of frozen mango in their freezer.)

But I’m curious about what the universe was trying to say to me when my power went out again over the Halloween weekend.  I had replaced some of the peas.  I had 4 packages.

Was that the problem?  Universe, do you not want me to buy peas unless I’m going to eat them?


I’m going to stop buying peas because I think it’s safer.

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