Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Moment of Being Fantastic

I took Bri and Lizzy to Target because Bri needed mascara.  I ended up with an eye shadow stick.  But I don’t know why I bought it because my tendency towards frumpiness usually extends towards the wearing of makeup.

I bought Lizzy two pairs of leggings to wear under her pants for the winter because she gets cold (genetic pre-disposition from her father) and I usually have her wear snow pants from December until April but then her teachers start saying things like “Lizzy, you don’t need to wear snow pants when there isn’t any snow.”  So I decided that long-johns or legging were the way to go.  She also decided she needed ear muffs and a slushy.

… Later that night she came up to me with her tooth in a sandwich bag.  “Mom, the last time I lost a tooth you didn’t give me money.”

“Go get a dollar from my purse.”

“No, it’s ok.  I’ll just put the tooth under my pillow.”

“If you want a dollar you better go get it.”

Impressive isn’t it that my children have to play tooth fairy for themselves?

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