Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stopping Time

I believe I’ve mentioned once or twice that Lizzy is stubborn.  That she refuses to put anything in her hair.  That she only likes to wear particular clothes.   That once she makes up her mind about something it’s pretty much over.  

Well, I’m a little conflicted to report that she wore a ribbon flower clip in her hair along with Bri’s old yellow dress, white sweater and heeled sandals.  She looked beautiful!  I’ve been very frustrated that she wouldn’t let me dress her in Mary Janes and Plaid skirts but instead insists on wearing camouflage shorts, XL Men’s tee-shirts and sneakers intended for boys.  And she is all or nothing about her hair.  Meaning she either chooses to wear no barrettes or six (a look we all occasionally like to sport).

She’s growing up.  She informed me yesterday that she’s “basically in fourth grade.”  I want to freeze time.  I want to cuddle up with Lizzy and not let her grow up.

But if I have to let her grow up, at least it comes with a hairstyle change.

1 comment:

Accidental Expert said...

Ah, my son was like that for years. Now, he's particular, but he cares about his appearance and wants to wear the cool things. Yes, he's growing up...but it is nice to see him change his clothes.

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