Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swimming Through Huge Numbers of Tourists

There are a lot of tourists in New York. We managed to pick a popular time to come. I recommend you come at a different time of year. Last night we saw Mary Poppins. It was really, really good! Surprising. I wouldn't haven chosen to see it but my personal Broadway consultant recommended it. She has seen it twice and said, "Don't think of it as a kid's show.". She was right.

We went to the top of The Rock and All I can say it that's twenty bucks I'll never see again. Recommendation: Don't waste your time. Of course, I'd say the same about Times Square. We just saw Billy Elliot. It was good but the kids use language I wouldn't let my kids use. But the older Billy was such a fantastic ballet dancer that I'm interested in giving ballet a chance. I never liked it but ...

Tonight we are going to see Catch Me If You Can. I liked the movie so I have hopes for the musical.

A big shout out to Toys R Us, my bathroom away from home!

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