Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I’ve Seen My Future – and It’s Not Pretty: Part II

The reason I’m anxious about my future is that Lizzy is already a teenager in many ways.

1. It’s hard to wake her up.
2. She takes a long time to get dressed!
3. She will wear what she wants to wear.
4. She spends forever in the bathroom!
5. She wears my makeup.
6. She likes going to the mall.
7. She’s got the whining down.
8. I already ruin her life.

Everyday I do something that upsets her. Now, fortunately, she forgives me as soon as I ask; but I see the day coming when it might not be so easy. I used to say to her in jest that I ruined her life; but she quickly picked up on that and when I displeased her Highness she started telling me, “You wreaked my life.”

I eventually stopped using that phrase.

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