Tuesday, May 31, 2011

“When did I get old?”

My husband asked me yesterday at 6 Flags.  “Sweetie, you were born old!”  I replied helpfully. 
Not true … but I could resist, especially after he added, “I can’t wait until I’m a grandpa and I’ll only be expected to hold bags.”

All the kids, with the exception of William, had a blast!  We went with some friends who also have season passes, two teenage boys and a girl for Lizzy.  Add a nephew with ASD and it’s almost too perfect. 

Don’t worry, it wasn’t.  On the drive it started to rain … hard.   And as soon as we got out of the van and walked over to the shuttle Will said, “Bathroom please.”  There was a line at the shuttle and no bathroom in sight.  We started walking and hoped for the best. 

Will peed about halfway there.

Poor kid!  He really wanted to change his pants but we still had to get into the park.  So, I said the person manning the metal detector.  “Can we hurry this along I need to change his pants.”

It got better but I didn’t bring Will a change of shoes (I’ll bring some next time!) so, I think he was slightly uncomfortable the whole day.  He was exhausted from all the walking and got to the point of responding to any queries about rides, “No, purple rollercoaster!”  By the time we left, he was grabbing siblings by the hand to make sure we were all leaving together.

And we had some fantastic Vietnamese food on the way home!


Big Daddy Autism said...

They have Six Flags in Vietnam<

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Ok, I'll meet you there.

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