Friday, May 20, 2011

I’m considering sending Lizzy’s teacher an email complaining about Milo’s mother

Because there is something very wrong with her!  Apparently (please keep in mind this is all second hand from Elizabeth) earlier this week Milo’s sister had a birthday and Milo’s mother thought it would be brilliant to bring in their family pet to show the class and while they were out decided to show Milo’s class as well even though she thought she might get in trouble.  Milo has a pig.  And now Elizabeth wants a pet pig too!

Good Heavens!

Elizabeth spent the whole day asking me questions like “can I have the litter box when Calypso moves outside?”  Or “Can we build a barn?”  When I said no, she disappeared for a while and reappeared with red eyes.  Thanks Milo’s mom, thanks a lot!

Lizzy thought she could keep the pig in her room.  (That’s not as odd as it sounds.  I make Bri keep her cat in her room unless a kid is home.  Yes, I know BEST CAT OWNER EVER!  But hey, at least I would never cut the equivalent of the ends of cat fingers off for my own convenience.  That is just nasty!)

Lizzy wants a pig so badly she offered me a deal.  “Mom, when the pig gets big you can eat him.”

Yes, she offered to let me slaughter her pig for my breakfast bacon.  I have 2 thoughts about that.  1.  WOW, she really wants a pig! And 2.  I wonder how Calypso would taste?  (Kidding Bri!  I’m not going to eat your cat.)

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