Monday, May 2, 2011

Thtudnwmtb Update

Status Updates:

Motherof4:  I’m tired of thtudnwmtb.  I’m sick of painting, raking and bagging leaves, ripping up carpet, writing checks and bribing my children with donuts.  (Although, I still think that whole “work for donuts” deal rocks!  Unrelated note:  Dunkin' Donuts had a Royal Wedding donut, which was nice because I might not have realized that the RW was last week.  Sadly the over the top coverage in the Globe hadn't tipped me off.) 
Status:  Chubby.  I, unfortunately, have to admit that after days of buying donuts for the kids, on Saturday I broke down and bought one for myself.

THTUDNWMTB:  Naked basement, carpet install scheduled, some windows almost replaced, not completely painted, yard cleanup in process.

Chris the Plumber:  Richer by many thousands of dollars.  Number on speed dial.

Charlie the Plaster:  Gave him the wood burning stove in the basement.  Passed on his info to Marcy.  I think we may be in a break because seriously, we haven’t talked in a while.  I’m hurt.  Well, not really because last time we talked he told me he was going to vote for Donald Trump and frankly, I’m not sure I can have any kind of relationship with someone who is going to vote for someone who styles his hair in “The Donald.”

Fatherof4:  In transit.  I’m not sure where he is this week but last week he was in California and Baltimore.  His life consists of work, travel, working on thtudnwmtb, paperwork and camping out with scoutlings.  Status:  Tired

3 of the 4 children:  Whiny, sick of working on the house on Saturdays.  They have probably eaten close to the equivalent number of donuts in the past several weeks that they ate the previous year.

Remaining Child:  Not wearing pants.  Ok, not true because he is at school and they make him wear pants.  But he wasn’t wearing pants shortly before he left on the bus and then when the bus actually arrived I noticed that he was wearing several cups of peanut butter on his clothes; so, he actually has already worn two pairs of pants today which is more than anyone should have to endure in one lifetime.  (I didn’t tell him that he was lucky I didn’t have time to give him his second shower of the morning.)

Marcy:  Has found us potentially two renter possibilities.  Status:  Awesome!


Big Daddy Autism said...

So, you have one child without pants and THTUDNWMTB with a naked basement? I am shocked by this smut.

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Really? You're shocked. I've read your blog and I think not.

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