Saturday, May 14, 2011


My husband took Jake fishing early this morning.  Yesterday, when I told him to do his Saturday jobs, because he wouldn’t want to do them when he got home at 6:00 today, he complained about going.  Lizzy said, “Jake you can trade places with me I’m going to thtudnwmtb and working.”

“No, I’ll go with dad.”  Jake replied.

Lizzy was serious about trading places but ok with helping me because I’d already told her I’d take her to McDonalds for lunch.

Yes, I bribe Lizzy.  No, I don’t care what you think.  I’m thrilled I found something to motivate her.

1 comment:

Big Daddy Autism said...

McDonalds just for spending the day with thtudnwmtb? I'm in!

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