Monday, May 16, 2011


I can’t parallel park.  Growing up in the suburbs I never needed to learn.  We sublet an apartment in Somerville when we first moved here and I was starting to get the hang of it during the four months we lived there but we moved.  (I did get the hang of double parking with my hazards on while unloading groceries quite fast.)  And I haven’t really needed to parallel park since I moved.

But Bri wanted to take a piano exam so we need to drive into Chinatown in Boston for a ten minutes exam and I can’t park.  Last time Marcy drove us but this year, the time is not as convenient and I need her to get Will off the bus if I don’t get home in time.  I asked Cheryl if she would drive us.

Then I thought “Wait a minute!  I’ve heard of something called a ‘parking garage.’  Isn’t that what people from the suburbs call parallel parking?”  Yes, I found a parking garage close by.  Unfortunately, I cannot take that pathetic email that I sent to Cheryl back.

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Big Daddy Autism said...

I know how you feel. My chauffer can't parallel park if his life depended on it. I just have him circle until I'm ready to get back in the limo. Problem solved.

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