Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess what sucks about giving yourself a migraine?

Obviously, not being able to blame anyone else.   Last Friday I double scheduled myself … twice.  On Wednesday Bri told me her teacher didn’t like her thesis.  Since this paper is worth two test scores I suggested she stay after school on Friday to get help.  She did and I forgot I needed to pick her up.  So it was tight picking her up and I was late getting Will off the bus.  Forgetting threw off the rest of my plans because I still needed to go buy food for the scout campout and I didn’t have time to pick up Jake from school.

Then later that evening Lizzy asked me, “mom, do I have flute (pronounced fa-lute) lessons today?”

“Yes, Lizzy you do.  Thanks for reminding me.  We have to leave in 15 minutes.”

“Mom, my piano recital is in 30 minutes.”


So, I drove Bri to her piano recital and dropped her off.  Will was really upset we left her.  He ran to get her when we left but I explained we’d be back and pick her up later.  Then we dropped Lizzy off at her fa-lute lesson, luckily her teacher let me bring her over late and fed her dinner too.  

Will and I made it back to the recital in time to hear Bri play then I dropped them off at home before I went to get Lizzy.

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Big Daddy Autism said...

Not to mention, you forgot to pick me up after Glee Practice.

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